Local, Cloud & In-Transit Encryption that YOU control.

With a heightened interest in privacy and security, threecrypt differs from other sync/share/collaborate solutions by putting you in control of your information. threecrypt users set and manage the encryption keys used to protect their data, preventing access by anyone else, including threecrypt employees. threecrypt’s groundbreaking security measures extend to the threecrypt virtual disk on your devices which is also encrypted protecting data in the event of loss or theft. Data in transit is protected using the latest SSL V3.0 & TSL V3.0.

threecrypt – compliant cloud sync & share

threecrypt is a secure cloud storage, synchronisation and collaboration service, providing secure, access to information from anywhere. The threecrypt desktop/laptop (tablet/mobile coming later) application creates a ‘Virtual Disk’ on each of the user’s computers which are synchronised to the threecrypt servers, making the content available across each of the user’s computers. Users can also access their data via a web browser. threecrypt has been designed from the ground up to ensure compliance with EU Data Protection Legislation.

threecrypt delivers:

out of the box fast, secure and data protection compliant tools for data storage, synchronisation and collaboration. Using the latest encryption technology to provide industry leading protection for three distinct vulnerabilities, threecrypt leads the market in terms of security, satisfying IT Departments while simultaneously providing users with the tools they need to work together in a virtual workspace.

threecrypt for:

any organisation wishing to embrace the convenience of cloud services without the concerns of security and compliance issues associated with the majority of alternative services. threecrypt delivers powerful collaboration tools to your workforce including rigorous version control, access rules and secure sharing with customers & suppliers.

threecrypt because:
the risks to organisations due to a data breach, whether it be personal information or intellectual property is ever increasing and the consequences of such breaches have growing costs in terms of fines, repetitional damage and customer churn. threecrypt ensures that your information is not only secure in the cloud but also on the growing number of user devices. Finally, threecrypt provides centralised user management with full audit tools.