Document Shredding - Shredded Paper

How Much Does Shredding Cost?

So, how much does shredding cost? Well that really depends on the quantity of shredding you have and your location. We thought that it would be useful if  we published our prices online. The prices below are for secure shredding of boxes or sacks (regular archive boxes or sacks, max weight 25KG) and is inclusive of:

  • Collection & Bar Code Tracking*;
  • Secure Shredding;
  • Waste Transfer Documentation, and;
  • Certificate(s) of Destruction:

*from the areas that we serve

QuantityPrice (ex. VAT)Unit Cost (ex. VAT)
1-5£25.00£5.00 - £25.00
6-10£35.00£5.83 - £3.50

This is a slightly more complicated question as there are a number or variables, such as:

  • Quantity of Consoles, Cabinets or Bins per site;
  • Console, Cabinet or Bin Capacity;
  • Frequency of Servicing (collection & shredding)
  • Location – Service Address;
  • Location – Ease of access within the building;

As a example, a single secure shredding cabinet, local to Sterling or on one of our regular routes (i.e. Milton Keynes, Luton, Central London etc.) with easy access serviced monthly would cost either £85.00 up-front plus £37.50 per service, or £45.00 per service with no up front cost, based on a minimum 12 month period. Volume pricing is then applied for additional shredding cabinets, increased collection frequency etc.

How Can Sterling Help?

We love to help our customers by providing great information. We will therefore continue to maintain transparent pricing online so that you know just how much our secure shredding services cost. We will also constantly monitor the market to ensure that our pricing is not only reflective of the excellent service that we provide, but also delivers excellent value for money to all of our customers.

We’ll also issue discount codes from time to time for use online to ensure that we are not beaten by competitors special offers. All in all, we aim to deliver an excellent shredding service for an excellent price.

If you have more questions, please follow the links below or feel free to contact us at, by telephone 0800 371212 or using the contact form on this page.