Secure Shredding - Confidential Waste Management

Sterling has a range of secure shredding solutions available for all of your confidential waste needs. Whether you are looking for a one-off service or a regular service, we will tailor a solution to meet your requirements and budget. All secure shredding of confidential waste, both paper and card, collected by Sterling is shredded in accordance with BS EN 15713 prior to being recycled into new paper based products such as office paper, tissues and packaging material.

Secure Bins & Consoles

Sterling can provide a full range of secure shredding waste paper bins and furniture consoles for confidential waste. Please click here for full details.

Boxes & Sacks

In certain circumstances we understand that confidential documents are boxed or placed in sacks awaiting collection and secure shredding, we can supply sacks on request or simply collect those that you already have. Whether it is a one off clear out or a regular service that you require, contact us to find out more details.


Regardless of whether you require a one off secure shredding or a regular service for your confidential waste, we follow the same strict procedure whereby:

  • Consoles / Bins are emptied into confidential waste sacks;
  • Sacks and or existing boxes are all sealed and a unique bar code affixed;
  • Bar codes are scanned and a signature obtained to record the transfer;
  • Boxes and or sacks are securely transferred to our shredding centre where the bar codes are scanned to confirm receipt;
  • All documents are shredded with the waste going for recycling, bar codes are once again scanned for audit purpose;
  • Fully documented service with Waste Transfer Note(s) & Certificate(s) of Destruction provided;
  • Sterling are Licensed Waste Carriers.

Secure Shredding Prices

Regular Secure Shredding services with the provision of bins/consoles is subject to a formal quotation based upon volume of confidential waste and frequency of servicing, however, for ad-hoc requirements the following secure shredding is available from just £2.09 per box / sack +VAT, full pricing can be found on the product page here.

Maximum weight per box or sack 25KG

Please note, for most bins and consoles, we will empty the contents into secure shredding sacks on site before a security seal is applied for transport. All prices exclude VAT.

Areas Covered

Our Secure Shredding Services are limited to a geographical area for which it is feasible for Sterling to provide confidential waste service, these areas include:

  • Central London;
  • Greater London;
  • Bedfordshire;
  • Hertfordshire;
  • Buckinghamshire;
  • Milton Keynes;
  • Northamptonshire (South)
  • Berkshire (east of Slough / Reading).

For other areas we can in some cased recommend a secure shredding partner for you to work with.

Off-Site Shredding vs On-Site Shredding

We are often asked why we offer off-site shredding rather than on-site shredding. Unfortunately there isn’t a simple answer, while some organisations have mandated on-site shredding only, for most this simply isn’t required so long as secure shredding services are provided following proven procedures. There are pros and cons to both methods:

  • + Ability to witness the destruction taking place;
  • + Minimised transport risk;
  • – Throughput is limited by the vehicle making bulk shredding impossible in certain situations;
  • – Cost, on-site shredding is costly due to the investment required in the shredding vehicles;
  • – Environmental, on-site shredding requires the vehicle engine and/or a generator to be running constantly;
  • – Nuisance, on-site shredding can be noisy and due to the exhaust gasses is banned by some building operators.
  • + Cost, due to the ability to process tonnes of material quickly and efficiently at the shredding centre costs are greatly reduced;
  • + Speed, our operatives visit to customers sites are quick and clean with minimal impact on operations;
  • + Environmental, very efficient method to transport confidential waste in secure vehicles;
  • + Nuisance, no noise, no excessive exhaust fumes and smaller vehicles;
  • – Delay, there is  a short delay between collection and shredding, however all confidential waste is transported and stored securely.

Sterling is committed to protecting your confidential waste to just the same standards as we do for our archive storage and scanning services, all sacks and boxes are tracked by bar code at every step of the process with a full audit trail kept for two years from collection date, our reputation relies on our security.

Secure Shredding Waste Licence & Registration

Sterling is registered as a lower tier waste carrier, broker and dealer with Registration Number: CBDL178839.

Sterling is registered exempt for Storing Waste in a Secure Place, Manually Treating Waste & Using Waste for a Specified Purpose with Exemption Number: WEX091738.