Document Scanning Prices

Document Scanning Prices

Worried about the cost of document scanning?

Document Scanning is the invaluable process of converting paper based records to digital format. Document scanning pries will often reflect the complexity of
the reasons for converting paper to digital, from the desire to create a backup of important documents through to the need to capture key data from paper based documents to enable automated business processes and decisions while enhancing security, audit, sharing and control.

Sterling provides a Nationwide Document Scanning Service and, unlike many providers you can discover document scanning prices that are applicable to your requirements, without any requirement to provide us with your details. We’ll leave it to you to get in touch when you have decided that┬ádocument scanning the right approach for your organisation, a decision that you can now make with an understanding of the costs involved.

Please use the Document Scanning Price Quick Quote calculator below to get your fast, no fuss scanning prices. Please also try our ‘Search Cost Calculator’ to find out exactly how much looking for paper documents is costing your organisation.

Document Scanning Price Quick Quote

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If you have document scanning requirements that go beyond the scope of our Quick Quote service, please get in touch and we’ll contact you to discuss your requirements in detail before providing you with a proposal covering all available options.

Please note that while the above calculators provide a reasonable all inclusive cost for scanning, there are additional elements that need to be considered such as collection and delivery form your business which will not be included except in the higher volume quotes.