NAS Data Recovery

Fast, professional NAS data recovery from all makes and models including  QNAP, Synology, WD, Buffalo, Seagate, Lacie, Dell, HP & Terramaster. Our experienced technicians use the latest tools and technology to ensure recovery in the quickest and safest manner.

NAS Data Recovery Options

Depending on the urgency of your recovery requirements, you can arrange to transport the NAS device to us or we can arrange collection from you. You may also choose for Express Evaluation where we will endeavour to diagnose the issues, provide the prognosis and recovery quote within hours of receipt.

To ensure that costs are minimised please ensure that where possible the entire NAS device is sent with all disks present either in the correct bays or labelled according to the bay from which they came. Any information that can be provided concerning symptoms present prior to the failure along with configuration information will be helpful.

NAS Data Recovery turnaround times vary greatly depending on the number and capacity of the disks, the NAS RAID configuration and the cause of the data loss however we can provide an estimate of turnaround following our evaluation.

NAS Data Recovery Situations

NAS Component Failure

While many NAS devices are deemed to have inherent data protection features due to the use of RAID, the presence of single points of failure can lead to data becoming inaccessible. common failures include the RAID controller or the NAS system board. generally in these situations the data is safe however, attempts to recover data must be carried out methodically to ensure that data isn’t accidentally overwritten or the RAID configuration is lost.

Failed NAS PCB
NAS Disks

Multiple NAS Disk Failure 

NAS devices are often tucked away and out of sight and it is not uncommon for email alerts to be incorrectly configured or not configured at all leading to the possibility of a failed disk going unnoticed until a second failure occurs.With most RAID configurations able to remain online with one failed disk, there may be no indication of imminent failure to the end user until a second disk fails and the NAS goes offline.

The likelihood is that each of the RAID member disks will be of the same make and model, often from the same batch and exposed to the same working conditions is very high. As such, when the first disk fails, the imminent failure of additional disks is highly likely, especially during the period following the replacement of the failed disk due to the increased read/write load on the remaining members during the RAID rebuild.

We are experienced in recovering from traditional spinning disks, Solid State Disks (SSD’s) and Hybrid disks.

Logical & User Issues


As with any system, logical issues may arise within a NAS device. Most logical issues result in corrupted RAID configuration or data corruption. This can often be recovered using specialist software and techniques.

User issues may include accidental data deletion or changes to configuration, again, with experience and specialist tools, data can, in most cases, be recovered.

NAS Delete Warning