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No Recovery, No Fee Our Promise

Inside of a hard disk driveWe know how stressful needing Data Recovery services can be, we’ll do our best to minimise the stress and get your data back as soon as possible. Our team of experienced Data Recovery experts will work efficiently to ensure that if the data is recoverable, it will be recovered in the most cost effective manner minimising your expense and any downtime.

Whether you are a Home User or a Multinational Company we apply the same level of professionalism to your Data Recovery Case allowing you to relax safe in the knowledge that everything that can be done to recover your data will be done.

With years of experience and investment in the latest technology, Sterling has excellent Data Recovery success rates from all media types, from SD Cards and USB Flash drives, through SSD (Solid State Disks), Internal & External HDD’s (Hard Disk Drives) RAID, Servers and Virtual Machines.

If you suspect that your data is at risk, follow these steps immediately:

  1. Shut down the system or device immediately and do not apply power again. For external devices disconnect them from the host system.
  2. Do not, under any circumstances, install any recovery software to the device or disk that contains the data that you wish to recover.
  3. Don’t panic, get in touch with Sterling and we’ll help you recover the data.

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We are happy to provide a no obligation Data Recovery Cost Estimate however, if your recovery is urgent you may prefer to go directly to a Free Evaluation.

Standard evaluation turnaround is 2 business days from receipt, if you need the evaluation to be completed sooner you can select additional, paid for options on the Free Evaluation product page.

Once booked in, simply send your device(s) to us at the address provided (we recommend Royal Mail Special Delivery) or you may prefer for Sterling to Collect from you, we charge a Collection fee based on your distance from us.

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  • No Obligation, fixed price quotes
  • Free Diagnostics with report within hours
  • Fast turnaround & out of hours service
  • Data returned on Disk, USB or Download
  • Windows, Mac & Linux Support
  • Pay nothing for diagnostics
  • High rates of data recovery
  • No Data, No Fee*
  • Collection & Delivery Available
  • Server, RAID & NAS Recovery

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Our expert technicians are experienced in data recovery from all types of Solid State Disks (SSD’s) Memory Cards (SD, microSD, Compact Flash/CF, MMC etc) and USB Flash Drives regardless of the cause of failure. If your device is no longer recognised by your computer, the computer wants to format or initialise it or the data has simply vanished we can help. In addition, we have proven methods for recovering data when there is physical damage to the SSD, memory card or flash drive.

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External Disk Data Recovery

Most External Hard Disks are still of the traditional mechanical type which are prone to physical and logical damage. The damage may be to the enclosure (case) affecting the USB connector or transferring damage to the disk inside. These devices are very often dropped or knocked over from an upright position, this can cause devastating damage to the read/write heads and the spinning platters on which the data is stored.

Recovery from External Hard Disks can be hampered due to the disk having integrated USB connectors (rather than a USB ‘bridge’) which have to be circumvented to gain a SATA interface which enables better diagnostics and control of the disk.

In addition, a number of manufacturers encode the data as is it written to the disk. The encoding is carried out by a chip that is found on the interface between the disk and the USB connector – without this chip, recovery can be especially problematic.

Common External Disk Failures

  • Head Crash – Heads come into contact with the platters through a drop or knock;
  • Physical Damage to the USB Connector;
  • Disk being disconnected while in use can lead to corruption which prevents access to the data;
  • PCB component failure, both on the disk PCB or the USB Bridge PCB;
  • Logical Corruption to System Area, Firmware or File Tables.

Thankfully, Sterling is highly experienced in Data Recovery External Hard Disks and have the specialist equipment and knowledge to correctly and safely diagnose the issue and perform the recovery.

Please continue reading for further information, click here for a no obligation recovery estimate or here to book in for evaluation.

Almost every Server and Storage Platform has RAID implemented at one level or another. Unfortunately, failures or RAID arrays are all too common. While RAID (except for RAID0) provide a level of redundancy, it is not unusual to suffer a failure of two or more disks, the controller or the RAID Software, rendering the array inaccessible.

Depending on the cause of the failure and the RAID type, recovery may be straightforward and relatively inexpensive, however in some cases recovery is a long and complex procedure which calls on the expertise of an experienced technician using specialised equipment.

Our technicians are highly experienced in recovering data from RAID arrays from multiple manufactures including (but not limited to):

  • Dell Servers & Storage Arrays;
  • HP Servers & Storage Arrays;
  • All SAN storage systems;
  • Seagate Enterprise, Business and Home NAS & DAS;
  • Synology NAS & DAS;
  • D-Link NAS;
  • Iomega StorCentre NAS;
  • Thecus NAS & DAS;
  • Imation NAS;
  • Netgear NAS & NAS;
  • Buffalo NAS & DAS;
  • All home NAS/DAS storage.

Regardless of the manufacturer, RAID storage systems follow the same principles enabling data recovery by our technicians. If you have a failed RAID Array, please follow the below to assist in data recovery:

  1. Shut the system down and leave powered off;
  2. Do not attach the disks to any other system as data may be changed/overwritten;
  3. Ensure disks are numbered if they are to be removed from a system for recovery. If they are not numbered the recovery may take much longer and cost much more;
  4. Try and ascertain details of the Raid Array, e.g. the RAID level and configuration, whether there are any ‘hot spares’ and the order of disk failure (if known);
  5. Note down any other information that you think may be helpful along with details of the critical files for recovery;
  6. Contact us to get the recovery under way as soon as possible.

We are highly experienced in recovering data from all types of Single Disk Servers, RAID Arrays, NAS and SAN systems. Failures can be hardware related or purely logical. We work fast to establish the cause of data loss keeping you informed every step of the way. From visiting site to better understand the configuration and problems to receiving systems with little background information, our customers are always surprised at the speed in which we recover their data. Recovery times are minimised when full details of configuration can be supplied.

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Forensic Data Acquisition / Recovery

When conducting an investigation of any kind, it is almost certain that there will be a requirement to examine data from a wealth of digital systems. It is critical that this data is acquired using reliable methods that result in evidence that is acceptable in court. There are two primary situations:

  1. Forensic Data Acquisition – the acquisition of data from devices such as PC’s, Laptops, Mac’s, Servers, External Devices, Smartphones etc. that are in a functioning and accessible state.
  2. Forensic Data Recovery – the recovery of data from devices such as PC’s, Laptops, Mac’s, Servers, External Devices, Smartphones etc. that are not functioning correctly or where data has been interfered with (deleted, hidden etc.) or encrypted/password protected.

Sterling utilise the latest in Forensic Data Recovery hardware and software and follow accepted procedures in the acquisition of data whether this is for an internal investigation, litigation or even criminal cases.

Key Service Features Include:

  • Compliance with Chain of Custody Requirements;
  • Fully Documented Reports of all actions & processes taken;
  • Write-protected acquisition wherever possible;
  • Provision of acquired data in accepted formats (E01, dd etc.);
  • Secure storage and management of data sources;
  • Acquisition from almost any storage medium or device including smartphones;
  • Copies provided for defence and prosecution hash matched to source data;
  • Analyses of Data if required;
  • On-Site & Lab based acquisition;
  • All employees & technicians DBS Background Checked.

Ideal For:

  • Internal Compliance & Investigation Teams;
  • Accountancy & Consultancy Firms Conducting Investigations;
  • Intellectual Property (IP) Theft Investigations;
  • Improper Use of Computer Systems Investigations;
  • Fraud Investigations;
  • Extension of Existing Forensic Facilities (overspill etc.);
  • Lawyers & Solicitors without internal specialisation/skills;
  • Litigation, Criminal & Employment Cases.

If you require a Forensic Data Acquisition or Forensic Data Recovery, please contact us using the contact form on this page, call on 0800 371212, or, for out of hours requirements purchase an out of hours ticket by clicking here.

Ransomware Data Recovery

Despite increasing awareness of Ransomware and Computer Viruses coupled to freely available tools to protect systems against them, the rate of infection is on the rise, particularly with respect to Ransomware. Ransomware is malicious software that encrypts all of the data on the users computer (more recent variants also attempt to encrypt data on any device connected to the same network), which on payment of the ransom (usually by means of a BitCoin payment), the decryption key may be provided by the Cyber Criminals behind the attack.

Thankfully there is now some hope if you are the victim of the Ransomware, thanks to a handful of White Hat Hackers (i.e. those interested in hacking for ethical reasons such as improving security) mistakes have been exposed in the Ransomware code which has allowed the extraction of the encryption keys. This remains a ‘moving target’ and by no means guarantees that the encryption key can be accessed without paying the ransom.

While many of the tools that have been developed and published online to recover the encryption key are free to obtain and use, some users find that they are difficult to use and of course they don’t wish to make the situation worse.

Sterling can assist in two ways:

  1. If the correct tool is available for the Ransomware that you are affected by, we will first take a clone of the affected system before attempting to use the tool to extract the encryption key and then decrypt the data. Once successful with the clone, the key can be used on the source device to decrypt the data.
  2. Many end users are not familiar with BitCoin payments and are uncomfortable dealing with the Cyber Criminals. While we would never recommend paying the ransom (there is no guarantee that the encryption key will be provided), if this is an approach that you wish to pursue, Sterling will act on your behalf in an attempt to obtain the key and decrypt the data, again working on a clone rather than the source.

Unfortunately, the cost of the Ransom may be lower than our services to help in these circumstances, however with option 1 above, you will only pay our fee on successful decryption and recovery of your data.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that the encryption cannot simply be cracked, it is the poor implementation of the encryption that is exploited by the White Hat Hackers which is used to expose the encryption key, cracking the key therefore isn’t an option.

Virus Data Recovery

If your PC or system has been infected with a virus,removal in some instances can be very tricky. Sterling can assist with recovering data from unstable systems and the removal of infected files from the recovered data. Our primary goal will be to return the system to the pre-infection state however if this is not possible it is usually possible to recover important user data.

Data Recovery Pricing

Our base pricing is set out below. In many cases the Standard Recovery Costs apply. If you would like an estimate of the recovery costs, please click here. Final pricing can only be provided following a free evaluation which can be arranged here.

Hard Disk Drive Solid State Disk USB Flash Drive Memory Card
Evaluation / Diagnostics* £0.00 £0.00 £0.00 £0.00
Standard Recovery £109.00 £109.00 £45.00 £45.00
Minor Repairs £139.00 + PARTS £139.00 + PARTS £75.00 + PARTS £75.00 + PARTS
Advanced Repairs £190.00 + PARTS £190.00 + PARTS £95.00 + PARTS £95.00 + PARTS
Clean Room Recovery From £395.00 N/A N/A N/A

All prices are exclusive of VAT which is added at the prevailing rate.

* In some cases an Evaluation Fee / Diagnostic fee applies. Examples of where a fee is charged are water damaged equipment, where recovery has already been attempted or for RAID / complex system data recovery.

N/A: Not applicable as these devices can be repaired without the need for a clean room. Clean room repairs are only required when opening standard hard disks to prevent contamination to the drive read/write heads and/or platters.

NOT Included In The Recovery Price:

The following items are not included in the pricing above:

  • Spare Parts if required;
  • Return Postage & Packaging;
  • Return Media (device on which to return recovered data, e.g. USB Flash Drive, External Hard Disk etc.;
  • Any Specialist Requirements.

Please continue reading for further information, click here for a no obligation recovery estimate or here to book in for evaluation.

We are aware of several Data Recovery Service Providers in the market who offer ‘fixed fee’ data recovery service, this is something that we are unable to offer, at least not prior to performing an evaluation of the device from which the data is to be recovered. This is simply due to the fact that we are unable to confirm the issue or issues with the device prior to performing an evaluation (please see email estimate below), and therefore are unable to establish the time and parts that will be required to facilitate data recovery.

The offer of fixed free recovery is also questionable. Should you elect to send your device to a provider on a fixed fee basis, how much effort are they likely to invest in the recovery if it is complex or time consuming? It is likely that the device will be declared unrecoverable and you will have wasted time and money (on postage, admin fees etc.). The evidence of this is the number of devices that we receive from customers who have previously tried with fixed fee providers that we have been able to successfully recover data from.

Out Of Hours Data Recovery Service

We recognise that Data Recovery need can arise at any time of the day or night. We have on call technicians available 24×7 to assist you with your data recovery needs. This is a premium, emergency service which is chargeable, please click here to purchase your out of ours ticket which will deliver instruction on how to contact the on call technician for prompt assistance.

We are often able to arrange same day collection of devices in London, the South East & Midlands. Same day collections are charged by the mile plus a small standing charge. Any Tolls, Parking and Congestion Charges are also payable by the customer. To arrange a collection, please click here.

Our vehicles are in London and the South East on a daily basis and next day collections and returns can be arranged from as little as £25.00 +VAT when booked before 15:00 the previous business day. Same Day Collection from Milton Keynes and the surrounding area is just £15.00 +VAT when booked before 13:00.

On receipt of a customer device, we first assess the device to determine the type of failure that has occurred (in the case of accidental deletion/formatting, please advise when you contact us). Once the failure has been identified, an attempt is made to access the data. In the case of failed hardware, it is unfortunate that every attempt may be the last opportunity to recover data.  Because of the, we suggest that customers notify us of the files that are most important to be recovered and we will focus on these first.

Depending on the condition of the device, it is often possible at this point to recover all data to a similar device. This process can be time consuming and the time taken depends on the capacity of the device. It is possible that the device may fail completely during this process allowing for only partial recovery.

Recovered data is verified and returned to the customer as soon as possible.

Please continue reading for further information, click here for a no obligation recovery estimate or here to book in for evaluation.

Based in Bedfordshire, we are located close to Milton Keynes, London and the surrounding areas yet cover the whole of the UK. Data Recovery work can be sent in by courier, collected by Sterling, posted (using insured service) or we can arrange a third party collection on your behalf. Of course, if you are local, you are welcome to drop the device in to us.

Please continue reading for further information, click here for a no obligation recovery estimate or here to book in for evaluation.

Regardless of the the cause of data loss it is critical that, in order to prevent further loss of data, the affected disks or storage device is switched off as soon as possible. Every time that the device is switched on may be the last time that is is possible to recover data.  With a device that has been accidentally formatted or had the contents deleted, it is likely that all data can be recovered, however, every time the device is accessed there is a chance of data further data loss. Once the device is disconnected, you can take your time to decide the best course of action to recover the affected data.

Please continue reading for further information, click here for a no obligation recovery estimate or here to book in for evaluation.


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