Archive, Scan, Deliver, Review & Integrate

Sterling Archives ‘Scan-on-Demand’ is all about flexibility, delivering your requested documentation when you need it; where you need it regardless of your geographic location allowing you to review the document and then integrate it into your document management system for future use.

Because Sterling’s systems provide a comprehensive, single-source solution with centralised management and storage of all your records, taking advantage of Scan-on-Demand is easy. You simply request your documentation. We retrieve the file, prep it, scan it, and post it to our ftp server, from which you can access it. If required the document can be emailed to the recipient. The hard copy never leaves our facility. Your authorised users can view the file from their desktops in as little as one hour.

If up-front costs have prevented you from implementing an imaging solution, Scan-on-Demand enables you to build your imaging archive on an as-needed basis. As you only ever need to retrieve around 20% of your archive you are simply paying for what you need; when you need it.

We will supply you with a company wide or individual username and password, documents are only accessible with the username and password.