What Can I Store?

While our Office Storage Services are designed for the storage or boxes and or plastic crates, you are welcome to store whatever you like, for as long as you like, however there are a few things to consider.

Size & Weight

The Storage Bays in which your items will be stored measure approximately 100cm high, 265cm wide, 130cm deep (120 Cubic Feet), however should you have requirements for larger items we are able to reconfigure the Storage Bays to a maximum size of 250cm high, 265 cm wide and 260cm deep, the equivalent of 3 bays high by two bays deep.

The Standard Maximum Item Weight is 25KG, please see below should you have large and heavy items to store.

We are also able to supply two person collection / delivery teams to collect larger and heavier items. If you need to store large items, please contact us to discuss your requirements and any additional costs that will be involved.


We strongly recommend that everything sent for storage is suitably packed in boxes and or crates. Larger items should be bubble wrapped as a minimum. We are able to help with packaging materials beyond the Archive Boxes listed. Please contact us with your requirements.

Please note that we are unable to accept anything for storage that is in carrier bags, bin bags, suitcases or similar, the items must be sturdy and stackable.

Please Don’t Store

Anything that is hazardous, perishable or living. For safety and security, we reserve the right to open items to check the contents comply with this.